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West Capital Markets’ Derivatives business is a worldwide leader focused on helping institutional and high-net worth clients meet their financial goals.

With approximately 150 professionals worldwide, the Derivatives group leverages its sales, trading and award-winning research into global force focusing on the customer.

This combination allows the Firm to utilise proprietary tools and technology more effectively than competitors, resulting in superior execution for our diverse client base.  The Firm’s resources and strong relationship with affiliates provides us with the platform to fully access all listed and ‘over-the-counter’ derivative products.

The recent condition of the equity markets unquestionably enlarged the global appetite for the option-based volatility trading and structured products that WestCap offers.  The Firm has witnessed significant growth in a number of products, including Contract for Difference (CFDs), options and warrants, spread-trading, agency/risk baskets, index rebalancing and other structured products.

Financial derivatives have changed the face of finance by creating new ways to understand, measure, and manage risks. Ultimately, financial derivatives should be considered part of any firm’s and private investor’s risk-management strategy to ensure that value-enhancing investment opportunities are pursued. The freedom to manage risk effectively must not be taken away. The financial derivatives market’s worth is regularly reported as more than $ 20 trillion.

Financial derivatives should be considered for inclusion in any corporation’s risk-control arsenal. Derivatives allow for the efficient transfer of financial risks and can help to ensure that value-enhancing opportunities will not be ignored. Used properly, derivatives can reduce risks and increase returns.

At West Capital Markets we offer derivative financial instruments such as

• Contracts for Difference (CFD)
• Financial Spread Betting
• Futures
• Options
• Forex
• Indeces, Commodities, Treasuries (ICTs)