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Doing Due Diligence

Due diligence is used to investigate and evaluate a business opportunity. The term due diligence describes a general duty to exercise care in any transaction. As such, it spans investigation into all relevant aspects of the past, present, and predictable future of the business of a target company. Due diligence sounds impressive but ultimately it translates into basic commonsense success factors such as “thinking things through” and “doing your homework”.

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Cutting your dept

1. Find out what you owe

Before you can make any plans, you need to know how much money you owe – and for what. The simple place to start is your credit report, which lists your credit accounts, from loans, cards and mortgages to utilities, mobile phone contracts and catalogue accounts. As well as your repayment history and the amounts you owe, it details applications for new credit accounts, court judgments, IVAs or bankruptcies and other information that lenders use when calculating your credit rating. There’s also a useful list of your lenders, which can act as a quick reminder of accounts you might forget

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