Corporate Finance – Mergers & Acquisitions

West Capital Markets is driven by success. Success for our clients in achieving their acquisition, exit and financing strategy and success for ourselves in establishing a position as the leading corporate finance team committed to the main and mid-market.

West Capital Markets provides corporate finance advisory services to its clients, including expert advice on mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, strategic alliances, leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations and fairness opinions. WestCap services begin in the initial phases of formulating a corporate finance strategy, and continue through negotiation, structure and execution.

WestCap also provides advice on corporate positioning in the public markets, including assistance in client’s financial communications to the public markets. WestCap’s experience in navigating the public markets provides its clients with relevant knowledge on how the public eye will view events occurring with its clients.

We can help generate value in your business through the Origination, Execution and Support of your transactions. The extensive transactional and commercial experience of our team of professionals will ensure that your acquisition, disposal or MBO investment is carried out at a competitive price, with low risk and in a tax efficient manner.

West Capital Markets is unique in combining the dynamism, knowledge and experience of a corporate finance ‘boutique’ with a full range of business advisory services. This ensures that all the expertise you require can be provided in a seamless, high quality and cost effective manner.

West Capital Markets can help you achieve your goals through:

Deal Origination

Through our Deal Origination service, we can deliver the deal that you have been searching to do.

West Capital Markets has invested considerable resource in a team with the remit to identify opportunities for funders and ambitious entrepreneurs to invest in corporate acquisitions, MBOs and MBIs.

If you have an acquisition or investment strategy that requires a pro-active adviser to help you realise, contact a member of West Capital Corporate Finance team.

Early Stage and Growth Consultancy

Is your company in its infancy and experiencing the pains of early growth? West Capital Markets has a team of experienced consultants who can assist you.

We start by making sure we understand your ambitions for growth and your strategy for achieving these ambitions, challenging them where appropriate.

We have strong relationships with a full range of funders (Banks, Asset Financiers, Venture Capitalists etc) who recognise our ability to support growing businesses with raising capital. We do the deals that others won’t do.

Together, we produce a rigorous Business Proposal to secure the funding you need. We will help to negotiate the price of the funding, and make sure the assignment does not over burden you, leaving you free to get on with the most important job – running your business.

Business Grooming and Exit Review

Disposing of a business at the right time and at the right price is an effective way of increasing shareholder value. We believe that such a process should be part of a long-term strategy and we can help you maximise the effectiveness of your disposal through:

Developing the exit strategy

Through WestCap’s carefully tailored exit review product, we will work with you to identify the goals you seek, objectively assess the exit options available and map out the most effective route to maximise shareholder value.

Grooming the business

Unlike public companies, there is no such thing as the “right price” for a private business. You need to make your business as attractive as possible to potential buyers, strengthening attractive features and improving areas that a buyer might see as weak.

Through WestCap’s unique business grooming service, we can recommend a range of techniques for making these enhancements. Investing at an early stage in grooming your business can dramatically increase exit value.

Valuing the business

Valuing any business is difficult and the price a buyer will pay is entirely dependent upon their own objectives. For example, if your business can be successfully integrated to double a buyer’s sales with little increase in costs, they will clearly pay more than someone for whom the acquisition would remain a separate, stand-alone business.

You need to have the best possible idea of likely outcome and WestCap’s corporate finance advisers will be able to provide clear and accurate advice based upon experience of other transactions in that sector and knowledge of the prevailing ‘market’ sentiment.

Once the exit strategy has been formulated and the business groomed for sale, West Capital Markets can then assist in the disposal of the business.
Pre-IPO – IPO 

Pre-IPO and IPO investment opportunities provides investors with the opportunity to buy into a young company at an infant stage in its development and Companies the benefit of securing the capital needed to take their business forward. The potential returns are large for both investor and company and West Capital Markets believes that through a strict selection process any potential risks to client’s capital can be minimised. The time horizon on these investments can be medium term and many provide a clearly defined exit strategy, at which time the individual can realise the capital gains accrued.

We focus on multi national to small and medium size capitalisation companies with large growth potential that are looking to list on the Ghana Stock Exchange(GSE) or other International Exchanges such the London Stock Exchange(LSE) or Plus Markets(PLUS) in London, United Kingdom, New York Stock Exchange(NYSE) and other major indices. This focus, coupled with our extensive network of contacts allows us to offer our clients the opportunity and potential to take part in what we believe are the most exciting and potentially profitable investments available.

The investment in such situations can be speculative and has the potential to offer investors spectacular returns. Investing in companies offers the possibility of high returns.

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